Beginners’ Guide

ZooCraft is a fun game, but it can seem overwhelming at first. Good thing I had my Junior ZooCraft Guide to help me get started. I’m here to be your ZooCraft Guide to help you get started too! I hope you find this ZooCraft Beginners’ Guide helpful!

ZooCraft Currencies

ZooCraft Currency

Make sure you understand the different types of money in ZooCraft. If you want to read all the details, check out my full post about ZooCraft currency. When you’re starting out, though, here are the basics you need to know:

  1. You need lots of Zoo-money (the one that looks like dollars) for all kinds of things, so gather as much as you can. To do that:
    • Buy kiosks
    • Upgrade kiosks
    • Upgrade your box office as soon as you can.
  2. Conserve your Zoo-tokens (the gold coins) because you need them to buy more land.
    • Don’t waste Zoo-tokens on speeding things up.
    • Don’t buy kiosks that require Zoo-tokens. Buy the ones that use Zoo-money instead.
    • Don’t use Zoo-tokens to fill your Shell of Friendship.
    • Upgrade your fountain so you get as many daily Zoo-tokens as possible.
  3. Spend your Zoo-pearls wisely. If you want to see the best deals for your beauty points, check out the ZooCraft Beauty Points Best Deals Chart.

Animal Experiments

ZooCraft Beginners' Guide - ZooCraft Laboratory

The ZooCraft Laboratory is where you go to create new animal species.

You can do experiments in the laboratory to make new species of animals in your zoo. Here are some tips to make the most of your animal experiments:

  1. Choose animals of the same rarity level (basic with basic or common with common). This is the quickest way to make new animals.
  2. If you have time to come back to your zoo, don’t choose a specific animal result. Choosing a specific one takes four times longer than letting the experiment run at random. Read my article about the ZooCraft animal experiment positions if you want to know more.
  3. Use my ZooCraft breeding charts if you want to know the possible results.

Shell of Friendship

The Shell of Friendship is the main way you get Zoo-pearls to buy decorations. Read more about Zoo-pearls on my ZooCraft Currency page.

ZooCraft Beginners' Guide - ZooCraft Shell of Friendship

This means a friend needs water in their shell. Take care of it and you will get a Zoo-pearl too!

Use your Shell of Friendship to collect Zoo-pearls. Here’s what to do:

  1. Ask friends to fill your shell (don’t use Zoo-tokens).
  2. Respond to requests and fill other people’s shells.
ZooCraft Shell of Friendship

Keep your Shell of Friendship filled by asking friends.

Daily Tasks

ZooCraft Beginners' Guide - ZooCraft Zoo Office

Go to the ZooCraft Office to find your daily tasks and your Zoo Status information.

Do these things daily to keep your zoo growing:

  1. Complete daily tasks to earn a salary of Zoo-money (can be done 3 times per day).
  2. Complete at least 4 of those daily tasks to get a bonus of Zoo-tokens.
  3. Since one of the daily tasks is completing a quest, remember that you can delete a quest if you can’t complete it quickly.
  4. Guide three visitors to your fountain to earn Zoo-tokens daily (collect Zoo-tokens once per day only).
ZooCraft Beginners' Guide - ZooCraft Fountain

Make sure you guide visitors to the fountain daily to collect Zoo-tokens.

How to Organize Your Zoo

Here are some tips on placing items in your zoo:

Conserve Space

Place items as close together as possible to conserve space.

ZooCraft Beginners' Guide - ZooCraft Habitats

Putting your habitats closely lined up will save space.

Choose Decorations Strategically

Buy decorations that give you the highest amount of beauty points for the amount of space they take up.

ZooCraft Decorations

For example, choose the Elite Vase because you’ll get more beauty points for the space it takes up.

Consider a “People Pen”

When your zoo gets larger, it can be hard to find the people when they’re wandering around. You can create a “people pen” out of decorations to box them in.

ZooCraft Beginners' Guide - ZooCraft People Pen

Boxing people in by the entrance makes things easier.

Here are some tips if you want to create a people pen:

  • Not all decorations will work. People can walk through some. Benches, square hedges (the ones called “green hedge”), and flags stop people.
  • Make sure you put your fountain inside the pen, as the people need to get to it to deposit their coins.
  • People will show up outside the pen when you first open the game (or have been visiting another zoo) but will disappear over time. New people will come in through the entrance and get stopped in the pen.

Further Reading

I hope you’ve enjoyed this ZooCraft Beginners’ Guide. If you’d like to read more, check out my guide to ZooCraft Currency or ZooCraft Animal Breeding Charts.