ZooCraft Currency

This post was last updated on April 3rd, 2018

ZooCraft Currency

ZooCraft has three types of currency:

  • Zoo-tokens (coins)
  • Zoo-money (dollars)
  • Zoo-pearls

ZooCraft Zoo-tokens (coins)

ZooCraft Fountain

The Fountain can be a good source of Zoo-tokens (coins)

ZooCraft Zoo-tokens are the most valuable and rare currency in the game. You should conserve Zoo-tokens to use for the most important items.

How Do I Earn More ZooCraft Coins?

How to Earn ZooCraft Zoo-tokens

  • Completing 4 daily tasks (3 times per day)
  • Fountain (once per day)
  • Catching butterflies or dragonflies in other zoos (occasionally earns Zoo-tokens)
  • Expeditions (shorter expeditions only)
  • Earning the next zoo status (city zoo, state zoo, etc)
  • Advancing to the next player level
  • Watching ads or “movies” (sometimes Zoo-tokens are a prize choice)
  • Selling baby animals to visitors

How You Can Spend ZooCraft Zoo-tokens

ZooCraft Land for Sale

Land will be your biggest expense for Zoo-tokens

  • Additional plots of land
  • Upgrading animal storage in warehouse
  • Upgrading laboratory (costs both Zoo-money & Zoo-tokens)
  • Oceanarium reservoirs for aquatic animals
  • Buying & upgrading (a few) kiosks (most cost Zoo-money, a few cost Zoo-tokens instead) TIP: Don’t buy Zoo-token kiosks! It’s a waste of Zoo-tokens.
  • Speeding up experiments, building, upgrades, and babies. TIP: Don’t waste Zoo-tokens on speeding things up!
  • Buying water to fill up your Shell of Friendship. TIP: Don’t use Zoo-tokens for the Shell of Friendship! Ask friends instead.

Don’t buy kiosks with Zoo-tokens. Only buy kiosks with Zoo-money.

ZooCraft Zoo-money

ZooCraft Zoo-money is the basic currency of the game. Zoo-money looks like dollars or paper money. It is earned for many activities and can be spent for a wide range of things. The main way to earn Zoo-money is through kiosk profits. Because of this, you should buy and upgrade as many kiosks as you can, as quickly as possible.

How to Earn ZooCraft Zoo-money

  • Collecting profit from kiosks
  • Collecting profit from box office
  • Completing daily tasks to earn salary (up to 3 times per day)
  • Completing quests. TIP: You can delete local quests if you’re unable to complete them.
  • Guiding visitors
  • Correctly answering quizzes
  • Catching butterflies or dragonflies in other zoos
  • Watching ads or “movies” (sometimes Zoo-money is a prize choice)
  • Earning the next zoo status (city zoo, state zoo, etc)
  • Advancing to the next player level
  • Selling adult animals
  • Selling kiosks (even if they were originally purchased with Zoo-tokens)
ZooCraft Quests

Local quests can be a good way to earn Zoo-money

How You Can Spend ZooCraft Zoo-money

  • Basic animals
  • Habitats for animals
  • Upgrading laboratory (costs both Zoo-money & Zoo-tokens)
  • Buying & upgrading kiosks (some cost Zoo-tokens instead)
  • Upgrading coin fountain
  • Upgrading box office
  • Removing obstacles like trees and boulders
  • Decorations purchased from the Construction Beaver. TIP: Buying decorations with Zoo-money from the Construction Beaver is a good idea! It saves pearls.
ZooCraft Emporium

Emporiums are the highest level of kiosks in ZooCraft. Upgrade to emporiums to save space and earn more Zoo-money.

ZooCraft Zoo-Pearls

ZooCraft zoo-pearls are used only to buy decorations, which earn you beauty points.

ZooCraft Shell of Friendship

The Shell of Friendship (and your friends’ shells) is your best source of Zoo-pearls

How to Earn ZooCraft Zoo-Pearls

You can earn ZooCraft Zoo-Pearls by:

  • Growing ZooCraft Zoo-Pearls in your Shell of Friendship TIP: Ask friends to fill your Shell of Friendship.
  • Filling another zoo’s Shell of Friendship with water TIP: Fill up friends’ shells as often as you can.
  • Completing Expeditions
  • Advancing to the next player level
  • Watching ads or “movies” (sometimes pearls or decorations are a prize choice)
  • Sell decorations

How You Can Spend ZooCraft Zoo-Pearls

  • Buying decorations
ZooCraft Decorations

Decorations are the only thing you can buy with Zoo-pearls

If you want to see the best deals for your beauty points, check out the ZooCraft Beauty Points Best Deals Chart.

ZooCraft Beauty Points

ZooCraft Beauty Points

Decorations in your zoo earn you beauty points.

Beauty points earn you rewards such as:

  • New zoo visitors
  • Increased guidance bonuses
  • Increased baby requests
  • More zoo quizzes
  • Increased quiz rewards