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ZooCraft Breeding Combinations – Shrew

This post was last updated on April 4th, 2018

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ZooCraft Shrew

ZooCraft Animal Combinations – Shrew

Parent 1 Parent 2 Spot Result
Shrew (C) Rat (C) N/A Not Compatible
Shrew (C) Rabbit (C) LL Opossum (U)
Shrew (C) Rabbit (C) LR Marten (U)
Shrew (C) Owl (C) LL Chipmunk (U)
Shrew (C) Owl (C) LR Bat (U)
Shrew (C) Muskox (C) LL Tiger (U)
Shrew (C) Muskox (C) LR Gorilla (U)
Shrew (C) Moose (C) LL Tiger (U)
Shrew (C) Moose (C) LR Gorilla (U)
Shrew (C) Mole (C) LL
Monitor Lizard (U)
Shrew (C) Mole (C) LR Leaf Turtle (U)
Shrew (C) Magpie (C) LL Eagle (U)
Shrew (C) Magpie (C) LR Lynx (U)
Shrew (C) Horse (C) LL Tiger (U)
Shrew (C) Horse (C) LR Gorilla (U)
Shrew (C) Hippo (C) LL Tiger (U)
Shrew (C) Hippo (C) LR Gorilla (U)
Shrew (C) Hedgehog (C) LL Porcupine (U)
Shrew (C) Hedgehog (C) LR Marten (U)
Shrew (C) Frog (C) LL Dormouse (U)
Shrew (C) Frog (C) LR Meerkat (U)
Shrew (C) Fox (C) LL Chipmunk (U)
Shrew (C) Fox (C) LR Bat (U)
Shrew (C) Deer (C) LL Lynx (U)
Shrew (C) Deer (C) LR Chipmunk (U)
Shrew (C) Crocodile (C) LL Tiger (U)
Shrew (C) Crocodile (C) LR Gorilla (U)
Shrew (C) Capybara (C) LL Porcupine (U)
Shrew (C) Capybara (C) LR Leaf Turtle (U)
Shrew (C) Canary (C) LL Eagle (U)
Shrew (C) Canary (C) LR Lynx (U)
Shrew (C) Brown Bear (C) LL Tiger (U)
Shrew (C) Brown Bear (C) LR Gorilla (U)
Shrew (C) Badger (C) LL opossum (U)
Shrew (C) Badger (C) LR Marten (U)
Wild Goat (C) Shrew (C) LL Lynx (U)
Wild Goat (C) Shrew (C) LR Bat (U)
Wild Boar (C) Shrew (C) LL Opossum (U)
Wild Boar (C) Shrew (C) LR Marten (U)
Vulture (C) Shrew (C) LL Eagle (U)
Vulture (C) Shrew (C) LR Bat (U)
Squirrel (C) Shrew (C) LL Chipmunk (U)
Squirrel (C) Shrew (C) LR Bat (U)
Sloth (C) Shrew (C) LL Porcupine (U)
Sloth (C) Shrew (C) LR Russian Mole (U)