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ZooCraft Breeding Combinations – Panda


The March 2018 ZooCraft update has changed some of the animal combinations and I'm currently working on updating the charts. This chart has not been updated yet. Use the old chart at your own risk!

ZooCraft Panda

The order of Parent 1 and Parent 2 does not matter. For an explanation of the abbreviations, please see my ZooCraft Abbreviation Guide. If you're new to ZooCraft, start with the ZooCraft Beginnners' Guide first.

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ZooCraft Animal Combinations – Panda

Parent 1 Parent 2 Spot Result
Panda (E) Okapi (E) N/A Not compatible
Panda (E) Naked Mole-rat (E) LL Hyppopegasus (M)
Panda (E) Naked Mole-rat (E) LR Pikashrew (M)
Panda (E) Matamata (E) LL Hyppopegasus (M)
Panda (E) Matamata (E) LR Rororo (M)
Panda (E) Marvelous Spatuletail (E) LL Griffin (M)
Panda (E) Marvelous Spatuletail (E) LR Pikashrew (M)
Panda (E) Liger (E) LL Dragon (M)
Panda (E) Liger (E) LR Rororo (M)
Panda (E) Komodo Dragon (E) LL Dragon (M)
Panda (E) Komodo Dragon (E) LR Hyppopegasus (M)
Panda (E) Golden Dart Frog (E) LL Dragon (M)
Panda (E) Golden Dart Frog (E) LR Pikashrew (M)
Panda (E) Frilled Lizard (E) LL Griffin (M)
Panda (E) Frilled Lizard (E) LR Pikashrew (M)
Panda (E) Fossa (E) LL Griffin (M)
Panda (E) Fossa (E) LR Dragon (M)
Panda (E) Chinchilla (E) LL Rororo (M)
Panda (E) Chinchilla (E) LR Pikashrew (M)
Panda (E) Cat Gecko (E) LL Rororo (M)
Panda (E) Cat Gecko (E) LR Pikashrew (M)
Panda (E) Cassowary (E) LL Griffin (M)
Panda (E) Cassowary (E) LR Dragon (M)
Panda (E) Babirusa (E) LL Dragon (M)
Panda (E) Babirusa (E) LR Hyppopegasus (M)
Panda (E) Anteater (E) LL Hyppopegasus (M)
Panda (E) Anteater (E) LR Mock Turtle (M)
Panda (E) Anaconda (E) LL Dragon (M)
Panda (E) Anaconda (E) LR Rororo (M)
Panda (E) Albatross (E) LL Griffin (M)
Panda (E) Albatross (E) LR Rororo (M)
Panda (E) Manatee (E) LL Kraken (M)
Panda (E) Manatee (E) LR Hyppopegasus (M)
Panda (E) Dumbo Octopus (E) LL Kraken (M)
Panda (E) Dumbo Octopus (E) LR Pikashrew (M)
Panda (E) Blue Whale (E) N/A Not compatible
Tapir (E) Panda (E) LL Hyppopegasus (M)
Tapir (E) Panda (E) LR Mock Turtle (M)
Solenodon (E) Panda (E) LL Dragon (M)
Solenodon (E) Panda (E) LR Pikashrew (M)
Sifaka (E) Panda (E) LL Griffin (M)
Sifaka (E) Panda (E) LR Rororo (M)
Secretary Bird (E) Panda (E) LL Griffin (M)
Secretary Bird (E) Panda (E) LR Rororo (M)
Saiga (E) Panda (E) LL Griffin (M)
Saiga (E) Panda (E) LR Rororo (M)
Red Panda (E) Panda (E) LL Hyppopegasus (M)
Red Panda (E) Panda (E) LR Rororo (M)
Purple Frog (E) Panda (E) LL Hyppopegasus (M)
Purple Frog (E) Panda (E) LR Mock Turtle (M)