Animal Rarity Types in ZooCraft

This post was last updated on April 3rd, 2018

ZooCraft Animal Rarity Types

Animal Rarity

Each animal in ZooCraft has a rarity. I’ve indicated the animal’s rarity with a letter in parathesis after the name of the animal. For example, Wolf (B) indicates that a Wolf has a rarity level of Basic. In the game, each rarity also has a color associated with it.

Here are the animal rarity types in ZooCraft:

  1. Basic (B) – Gray
  2. Common (C) – Green
  3. Uncommon (U) – Blue
  4. Rare (R) – Purple
  5. Exotic (E) – Orange
  6. Mythical (M) – Yellow
  7. Amazing (A) – Rainbow

What are Amazing Animals in ZooCraft?

They can be purchased as a daily offer in the shop or rarely come from an experiment. I haven’t personally gotten an amazing animal yet, so contact me if you want to tell me about your amazing animals!